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Membership Terms & Conditions

Cold Ashby Golf Club – the business of DA & DG Croxton Trading As Cold Ashby Golf Club situated at Stanford Road, Cold Ashby, Northamptonshire NN6 6EP.
We, Us, Our – Cold Ashby Golf Club.
You, Your – the Member.
Member – an individual or group who by way of annual subscription to Cold Ashby Golf Club has paid for the right to use Cold Ashby Golf Club as per the terms laid out by the relevant membership category.
Member’s Guest – an individual invited to use the facilities at Cold Ashby Golf Club by a member.
Subscription – the amount paid by a member to use the facilities in accordance with these terms and conditions.
Membership Category – the type of membership and its rights and restrictions to use as set out in these terms and conditions.
Membership Card – a unique card issued to each member.
Membership Year – the period for which the subscription applies.
Renewals – the renewing of membership from one year to the next year without a break.

Terms & Conditions

1. General
1.1 The following Terms & Conditions apply to all members at Cold Ashby Golf Club.
1.2 By paying an annual subscriptions you agree to accept these term & conditions.
1.3 These terms & conditions may be changed at any time and without prior notice. The latest version will be that which is published on the Cold Ashby Golf Club web site (
1.4 Memberships are non-transferrable and non-refundable.
1.5 Membership of Cold Ashby Golf Club entitles you to use the facilities for that membership year in accordance with the rights and restrictions applicable to your membership category.
1.6 Granting of membership does not imply an automatic right to renew membership in subsequent membership years.
1.7 We reserve the right to limit the number of members in any given membership category, to amend the allocation of exclusive visitor or member tee times or to close the course at any time. Any such decision will not be made unreasonably but may be made at the sole discretion of Cold Ashby Golf Club.
1.8 Data Protection. You consent to our use of the information given by you, including your personal information, for the administration of your membership and our marketing purposes. We will not pass on your information to third parties for marketing purposes.
1.9 Child Protection. Members should ensure that they have familiarised themselves with the child protection policy before playing with any junior member.

2. Payment of Subscriptions
2.1 Renewal subscription payments are due on the first day of the relevant subscription year. If not paid in full in cleared funds by this date or a suitable deposit and Direct Debit form paid and signed, then you will be deemed to have not renewed and all membership rights will cease immediately. Should you wish to become a member subsequently you will have to reapply for membership.
2.2 Membership is for a fixed period of 1 year. Where membership is paid by an agreed payment scheme such as monthly direct debit or similar agreed scheme you are agreeing to pay the full amount for the whole 12 month period, when an agreed payment scheme is stopped the club has the right to apply to the member for the outstanding balance in full.
2.3 If paying by direct debit or any other agreed payment scheme then failure to meet the agreed payment schedule will result in the suspension of your membership, no refunds will be given for payments made up to that point, the remaining balance will be due immediately and you may lose your right to pay by instalments in the future.
2.4 In the event of termination of membership within the membership year, for whatever reason there will be no refund of membership subscriptions unless there are exceptional and legitimate medical grounds for such termination. Cold Ashby Golf Club reserves the right to request written documentation from a Medical Professional to confirm such grounds. The final decision on whether a refund is granted rests entirely with Cold Ashby Golf Club.
2.5 Membership subscriptions do not include any insurance products or golf union fees that may be required as part of your membership agreement.

3. Membership Categories
3.1 Full Membership. Full Membership allows access to the course at any time, 365 days a year, subject to booking an available tee-time. The following membership categories are classified as Full: Full, Senior, Intermediate 1 & 2, Youth, Student, Junior and Family.
3.2 Midweek Membership. Midweek Membership allows access to the course at any time Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays, subject to booking an available tee-time.
3.3 Nine-Hole Membership. Nine Hole Membership allows access to the course for 9 holes every day for no further cost, any further 9 holes can be played at a cost of £12.00. Nine Hole Members are not entitled to represent any Cold Ashby Golf Club teams or play in major competitions.
3.4 PlayMoreGolf Membership. Please visit for a full list of terms and conditions applicable to this membership category.
3.5 Full members are eligible to purchase a card for £10.00 per annum. This entitles the member to reciprocal golf at other participating golf clubs. Full terms and conditions are available at
3.6 Age group categories. The following membership categories are restricted to certain ages as at the 1st January of the relevant membership year: Senior: over 65 years. Intermediate 2: 26-30 years, Intermediate 1: 22-25 years, Youth: 18-21 years, Junior: 0-17 years, Student: 18-25 years and in full time education.

4. Member Benefits
4.1 Members will receive the following benefits: reduced food & beverage prices, reduced price driving range balls, reduced price golf buggies, priority tee bookings, member’s guest voucher, shop voucher. We reserve the right to amend these at any time.
4.2 Members may sign in up to three guests for a reduced rate on any one day. The member must be playing with the guests.
4.3 Member referral scheme. Members may refer new members to the club and upon successful application will receive a referral incentive. The new member must not have been a member of Cold Ashby Golf Club within the last three years.

5. Use of the Course
5.1 Tee times must be booked in advance of playing and may be done so up to 14 days in advance in person or 13 days advance by telephone or online.
5.2 Members must register to play in the Pro-Shop BEFORE playing.
5.3 Members should carry their membership card with them at all times whilst on the premises as this is their proof of membership.
5.4 Members must adhere to the dress code on the golf course at all times.
5.5 Members must make themselves aware of any local rules in place before playing.
5.6 General golf etiquette must be observed at all times including avoiding slow play and being courteous to all other golfers on the course.

6. Equipment and Property
6.1 Members will be held liable for any costs incurred to any fixtures, fittings, property or equipment belonging to Cold Ashby Golf Club, the surrounding properties while visiting Cold Ashby Golf Club or any other member or visitor to Cold Ashby Golf Club which has been deliberately, negligently or wantonly damaged.

7. General Liability
7.1 Cold Ashby Golf Club cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to members or visitors property whilst at Cold Ashby Golf Club.
7.2 The golf course and surrounding areas are a natural environment, with many different types of terrain and landscape and there can be unexpected conditions under foot (rabbit scrapings etc). Whilst all efforts are made to make this as safe an environment as possible we must balance that with a desire to leave the environment as natural as possible. Cold Ashby Golf Club cannot be held liable for any injury caused by slips, trip or falls or any other such incident whilst on the premises.

8. Breach of Terms & Conditions
8.1 Any breach of these terms & conditions or conduct in a manner that is prejudicial to the best interests of Cold Ashby Golf Club, including behaviour that is rude or offensive to staff, members or visitors, will result in disciplinary action by Cold Ashby Golf Club and could result in the termination of membership.
8.2 A decision to take disciplinary action and the level of sanction imposed shall be decided by the Management or the respective member’s committee and the management.
8.3 A member may appeal any result of a disciplinary hearing about them in writing within 7 days of the decision being confirmed to the member.
8.4 Any sanctions taken against an individual for a breach of these terms and conditions is done so at the sole discretion of the management of Cold Ashby Golf Club and following consideration of any appeal by the individual to the management any decision will be final.

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